Anyone who is interested in starting private violin, viola  or piano music lessons should keep in mind that neither small improvement nor professional success will ever come in a short period of time. I am a firm believer that hard work produces success. In my opinion, practicing scales and exercises is an essential part of learning process. It doesn’t really matter how talented students are or how sharp their memory is. What does matter is how hardworking the person is and how much time one wants to invest in his or her future. Only a combination of hard work with musical talent is going to make you successful in mastering music instrument.

In my music studio I strive to provide a friendly, exciting and fulfilling educational environment for all my violin,viola and piano students. My teaching philosophy is primarily based on the a Traditional Classical Method with elements of a well known Suzuki Method. I was taught by great teachers who were caring classical music traditions and passing it to me. Latter on I discovered benefits of a famous Suzuki Method and since than I use it in my practice. The Suzuki Violin Method is proven to be effective in training the youngest children, but it cannot be used solely. When I combine Suzuki Method and Traditional Method, my students get very fast progress.

I strongly believe that parents should be fully involved in learning process of their children. I encourage parents to attend violin, viola or piano lessons with their children so they can act as "home teachers" during the week.

I always stress the importance of regular concert attendance, listening to recordings and reading books.

In this fertile soil my students flourish and have a chance to become all they can be. 


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