Violin, Viola, Piano Lessons 

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The rates for all music lessons and levels are the same:

 30 minutes - $50

 45 minutes - $65

 60 minutes - $85

Oleg Rutkovsky music Studio
Fort Lee, Bergen County, NJ

My rates are very competitive  compared to others  in the current market rates for music lessons.  As a matter of fact, my rates for any music lessons are 10 - 20 % less than other music teachers that possess similar qualifications and professional experience.

The recent collapse in the American economy,  which is leading to uncertainty on the current job market , has greatly affected our everyday life. Unfortunately, the stock market went down, people lost their jobs, lost their houses and what is the most frustrating thing to admit, they lost confidence in their future.  At some point, there was no light at the end of a tunnel. I think the most dramatic outcome in that situation is people's inability to send their kids to music lessons, because parents can’t afford it any longer. In all times, music lessons have been considered a necessity, but they have become an absolute luxury for many families after their livelihood unexpectedly changed.  


All in all, I decided to significantly lower my rates for music lessons in order to give more people a chance to afford music education for their kids. So my rates currently stand as following:

30 min-$50

45 min-$65

60 min-$85

I don’t differentiate my rates for the students who take music lessons with me. It means that all my students, regardless of their age or level of skills, will get the same quality time for the same money they pay.  It doesn’t matter how long you stay with me, my tuition fees  for the music lessons will never increase over the time. 

 Let’s make beautiful music together!